[ENG] Welcome to Norway through my eyes!

[ENG] Welcome to Norway through my eyes!

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Considering that on a daily basis mainly I’m occupied with creating art of audiovisual media, in the result, this video was made about my wonderful 9 day trip. Norway has always been the country that just asks you to go and explore. The land of secrets and wonderful nature.

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I’m offering you a small insight about 11 places that will leave you curious. You will find out where and how we spent our nights as well as small tips if you decide to visit this country.


#1 PRETTY ROAD NO.1 (~35km)

A drive through a narrow but very beautiful and impressive mountain road with as beautiful and impressive landscape. Rocky meadows all over the place with nice and cosy lakes populated with unbelievably dumb sheep. The route comes to an end with one of the most popular “zig-zag” road paths in the world.

On the way we got lucky as the rain had stopped but that’s something we couldn’t say about the way back. We were going through a damned thundercloud and fog at the same time. The visibility was just 5 meters. The amazing “zig-zag” road could not be captured nor seen.


  • A – Suleskard, 4443, Norway (59.017555, 6.937602)
  • B – Lysebotn, 4127, Norway (59.055413, 6.643430)


Kjeragbolten is a rock that is stuck in-between two cliffs above ground, 984m to be exact. Very popular hiking destination in Norway and a very popular BASE jumping location. Impressive and breathtaking view. Every year there are more than 100k visitors. Nevertheless, there are no safety gadgets around this rock no one has ever fallen down from it. There are only a dozen registered BASE jumping deaths but I guess with over 50k jumps it’s not that bad.

About the hike:

  • Distance: 5 km one way, total 10km
  • Duration: On the way up it took us 2h 30min, way back 1h 30min. Total 4h
  • Elevation: 570 m
  • Parking 30 EUR

The hike itself isn’t that long but its hard and challenging enough. You have to be ready to cross three quite steep elevations. The steepest places have chains attached but overall no additional gear is necessary for this hike. As the surface is quite rocky, you must be extra careful on a rainy day. On this path you can run into all kinds of people tall, short, old and young even the chubby ones so no excuse for you.

Piece and quite all around us, wonderful nature and views. On a very busy day you can wait up to an hour just to take a picture on the rock, we got lucky as we were the only people there for a brief moment.

The feeling whilst being on the rock is hard to explain, as hard as acknowledging the fact that one wrong step and 1km lower the best case scenario is to become the food for the seagulls. I get questions like “was it worth it?” My answer is as simple as it gets: “Those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown.” and YES it was totally worth the emotions.

*Hardest places are marked in red


  • A – KJERAG Parking, Norway (59.046283, 6.653834)
  • B – Kjeragbolten, Norway (59.033721, 6.595215)


Preikestolen is one of the most popular destinations in Norway and it’s crowned as one of the most impressive sights to see. Steep cliff that goes up to 604 meters. During the year this place gets more than 300k visitors.

About the hike:

  • Distance: 4km one way, total 8km
  • Duration: On the way 1h 25min, on the way back 1h 15min
  • Combined 2h 40min
  • Elevation: 350m
  • Parking 25 EUR

Overall the hike isn’t much of a challenge. On the way you will run into 4 small elevations. The landscape is rocky and covered with cliffs and lakes, on some parts of the route it gets swampy and wet. At the final destination the time stops.

We started the hike on the second half of the day as our plan was to spend the night on the top. I’m suggesting for you to do the same because there will be fewer tourists and the view during sunsets/sunrises is something else.

The climb wasn’t that hard but don’t underestimate it. Shockingly beautiful landscape, I would say an intoxicating and uplifting place. Folks have been coming here to admire nature since the beginning of 20th century. Sometimes there can be up to 300 people at the same time. Lucky for us it’s not that crowded during our visit. We took a little nap until 04:30 AM and enjoyed the view once again.

Seeing the big cracks around the cliff gives me this dodgy feeling in My gut makes me think nothing is here forever.

*Hardest places are marked in red


  • A – Pulpit Rock Parking, Norway (58.991953, 6.138085)
  • B – Pulpit Rock, Norway (58.986487, 6.190518)


Latefossen is a twin waterfall. It is called one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Water with a lot of noise and force is smashing down the 165m fall.


  • Låtefossen Waterfall, Norway (59.947962, 6.584718)


Trolltunga aka Troll’s Tongue is one of the most mysterious places in the whole norway – impressive cliff formation that horizontally sticks out of the mountain 700 meters above a lake. Considering that this place is visited by more than 100 000 people, Trolltung has taken only one life.

About the hike:

  • Distance: 14km one way, total 28km
  • Duration: 7-8h both ways
  • Elevation: 900m
  • Parking: 50 EUR

I must add that there are three different parking locations and due to that factor the hike duration and parking expenses may differ. The hike itself is long and demanding. The first part is the hardest one, after that there are few more elevations but nothing is too complicated or not doable. Phenomenal and picturesque landscape with a view on lakes and mountains.

Considering that this was our third hike in four days, we felt really good. The weather was treating us well with a sunny and just generally nice weather. To take it easy on our energy levels and our feet we took a ride in order to walk less, this small favour cost us 12eur each. So we decreased our walking distance by 3km as walking this Zig-Zag road isn’t very enjoyable anyways.

When energy levels are low and the mouth is dry – Help comes from
PEPSI. Only after a small lunch break we started to acknowledge this Troll Tongues hidden magic. In order to get to the tongue, you might have to wait up to 45min but once again we got lucky and it wasn’t that crowded. It took us 3hrs 15min to get to the top on the way back 3hrs 45min with total distance of 25km. Feeling quite tired but the emotions taken back from the top are more than worth it.

Suggestions: .

  • Appropriate hiking shoes
  • Take a water bottle with you and even in the hottest day there will be plenty of places to refill
  • If it’s sunny, a bottle of sunscreen will come handy
  • As the hike is quite long, take plenty of food for at least 10hrs
  • For the benefits of your muscles and overall well being before and after hiking, take some amino acids
*Hardest places are marked in red


  • A – Trolltunga Active, Norway (60.132822, 6.627403)
  • B – Trolltunga, Norway (60.133108, 6.754541)


Vøeingsfossen is 182 meters tall. One of Norway’s most visited and photographed waterfalls. Very easily accessible due to free parking places around it. Waterfall itself is impressive and specially impressive is the amount of water that is pouring down the gorge and through the valley.  


  • Vøringsfossen, Norway (60.426834, 7.252232)

#7 PRETTY ROAD NO.2 (~43km)

A road rich with impressive views over the mountains. Rocky sides corroded relief and small lakes. A drive away from the society. Feeling of freedom guaranteed. A ride through such roads is always satisfying – landscape like a painting and piece all around. Fabulous

From point A to B you can go through the longest tunnel in the world (almost 25km) but we skipped this part as there is nothing fun about tunnels.


  • A – Aurlandsvangen, Norway (60.907235, 7.189656)
  • B – Erdal, Norway (61.099108, 7.416478)

#8 PRETTY ROAD NO.3 (~77km)

A road through untouched nature! Mountainous relief and beautiful place. Small lakes, peaks, narrow roads and of course, sheep. At this place luck wasn’t on our side as the majority of the trip we were going through rain and very gray weather, but even in such circumstances the place left us with good impressions.


  • A – Fortun, Norway (61.494971, 7.688441)
  • B – Lom, Norway (61.837791, 8.568308)


Trollstigen or Troll way is one of the most visited Norway’s sights, and one of the most dramatic, picturesque and impressive mountain roads in the country. A road that is literally curling around the mountain relief. On the way you can expect narrow lanes, steep hills and unpredictable weather conditions that makes this road one of the most dangerous roads in Europe. The route becomes dangerous once the night time or strong rain and fog come around.

We arrived when it was pouring buckets from the sky with addition of a very strong fog. Visibility was a few meters, not actually knowing where we at, just going up the road. We spent a couple of hours on the top hoping that the weather might clear up. The rain stopped but the dark cloud mass was just literally rolling up the alley. When the sky got clearer the view of the famous alley popped up with the road and overall landscape. In addition to that few waterfalls joined the view and so did the biggest one that we will pass in a minute.

The bad weather was reminding us that this place is as mysterious as dangerous. Considering that road accident amount in Norway is one of the lowest in the world Troll way has taken many lives and not just in car accidents. The next day after our visit in Troll way there was an Article about a Lithuanian guy in this area. The guy was going through a tourist mapped route next to a river and most likely he slipped and fell over the safety barriers and dropped into the river.


  • Trollstigen Center (62.453579, 7.664221)


Atlantic ocean road is considered as one of the most beautiful and dangerous roads in the world. It attracts tourists from all over the world due to it’s mind-blowing landscapes and perfect sight. This almost 9km long road is twisting through the archipelago with 8 bridges combined.

The weather in this area is unpredictable and harsh. The contrast between a sunny day drive and during a big storm is massive. During the storm there are massive waves smashing over the road and that’s what makes this place so dangerous.


  • Atlantic Ocean Road (63.017048, 7.354520)


It’s a MUST to try out rafting in one of the Norwegian mountain rivers. I definitely suggest Sjoa Rafting. Great reception, comfy place, professional and nice instructors. Wonderful river with a beautiful landscape and massive rapids. Fantastic experience, sharp feelings guaranteed.

During the ride there’s also a photographer available so no need to be worried about good pictures. No need for additional equipment nor previous experience. Pricing differs depending on the day and length, respectively from 85-130 EUR per person.

This wasn’t my first time rafting but the most impressive one for sure. The weather was partly sunny but cool. The water was freezing. We chose the whole day package that took us almost 5hrs of our day. Putting the gear on, instructions, gathering the group and the ride itself. Our package included two rides. After the first one there was home cooked food, tea, jelly sandwiches and milk. Colossal and tasty. After the meal and warming up we were ready for the second ride.

The feeling is amazing, definitely recommend this event. If you want to try, but you don’t have the guts to do so, my advice is “don’t be a pussy”. All the health and safety questions are sorted so no need to worry. This was like our last adrenaline, fantastic emotion loaded event that Norway’s nature had to offer.


  • Sjoa Rafting AS, 2677 Heidal, Norway (61.706845, 9.439289)


During our time in Norway, we spent all our 9 nights in tents, one day in a camping tent and the rest of the days in Ikamper. This car roof tent is a great way to spend your night in this kind of a trip, it makes everything so much easier and more comfortable. You can set it up in one minute with just a few movements. It’s meant for 4 people – 2 adults and 2 kids. Big enough and very comfy to sleep. We experienced a very rainy and stormy weather next to the Atlantic ocean but that didn’t give us much trouble.

We cooked our own food. We had a gas cylinder, burner, Pot, pan and all the other necessary stuff to make our delicious food. Majority of our products were taken from Latvia, and we did shopping as less as possible mostly for snacks.


  • Country is full with beautiful roads. Mostly very narrow and in a lot of places there’s space for just one car
  • The traffic is slow and careful. If you break the law, the penalty is out of this world
  • Better to buy gasoline in the morning and evenings because during the day it can be up 30 cents per liter more than usual
  • Lakes and waterfalls on every corner
  • A lot of tunnels
  • Local ferries that connects the islands will cost you about 12-15 euros one way for two persons
  • The currency is Norwegian Crowns
  • We didn’t use any cash as we didn’t need to, they accept cards everywhere
  • There are only just a little bit over 5 million people in Norway, and majority speaks English
  • Norway is one of the safest countries to visit, and Criminal activity is very low
  • Always an extra piece of clothing will come handy especially when going on a longer hike. Weather is very unpredictable and may be very harsh
  • A tent can be set up almost everywhere if there are no signs saying you mustn’t. The main rule applied to everywhere – when you leave pick up the trash
  • Generally a lot of camping places
  • Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world


  • Wear proper hiking shoes
  • Drinking water
  • Apply sunscreen on sunny days
  • For the benefits of your muscles and overall well being before and after hiking, take some amino-acids


Norway is not the biggest country but big enough to travel. We only had the opportunity to see a small part of it. The pinned locations in the map are the places we visited.

*Click on the picture or there and see the whole route on the map!

We drove to Ventspils and then with a ferry to Nynäshamn and then we drove through the whole Sweden. Arrived in Norway and the trip could begin.

It was a magnificent trip and stacked with great emotions. Tempting and beautiful places that can be dangerous enough. Be careful and use your head when traveling. If you want to see more pictures follow us on Instagram @edgars.trankalis un @rasmanelaura!

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